Beechtree Farm LLC
Retail Only
105 Crusher RoadHopewell NJ 468-4145
Thursday 4/1/21
2:03:28 PM
No Antibiotics, Free Range, No Hormones, All Natural, Chemical Free
Our products are grassfed, from animals raised on our pastures Call ahead to place an order. West Windsor Community Farmers Market starts next Saturday, May 16 , 9-1.


Ground Beef $8.50/lb
Chip Steak $12/lb.
Rib Steak $26/lb.
New York Strip $26/lb.
TBone Steak $26/lb.
Flank Steak $26/lb.
Skirt Steak $26/lb.
Flat Iron $26/lb.
Sirloin Top Steak $22/lb.
Sirloin Steak $18.50/lb.
Round Steak $18.50/lb.
Chuck Roast $14/lb.
Brisket $14/lb.
Short Ribs $9/lb.
Shin Bones for Osso Bucco $9/lb.
Soup Bones $5.50/
Liver $9/lb.
beef tongue $7.50/lb.
beef kidney $3.50/lb.
Leg of Lamb $15.00/lb.
Ground Lamb $12/lb.
Lamb Stew $14.00
Lamb chops loin and rib $26/lb.
Shoulder, Blade and Neck Chops $16/lb.
Shanks $15/lb.
Lamb sausage $14/lb.
Lamb Bones $3.50/lb.
Liver, Heart, Kidneys $9.00/lb.
Pork Chops $15/lb.
Bacon $13/lb.
Guanciale Bacon $13/lb.
Hot Italian Sausage $12/llb.
Country Sausage $ 12/lb.
Andouille Sausage $12/lb.
Pork Bones $3.50/lb.
Shoulder Roast $10/lb.
Poultry, Chicken & Duck eggs
Eggs $6-$8/dozen
Duck eggs $8/dozen (special order)
feet $5/lb.
Salmon Filets $22/lb..
Honey 2 lb. $15
Maple Syrup $18/12 oz.
Hand crafted soap $8
Sheepskins, $85-$125

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