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The Problem

People everywhere want to buy more local, but they don’t know what is available from farmers who sell direct.

  • Farm stand customers don’t know what is available without visiting.
  • Farmers market visitors don’t know what they will find at the market.
  • Chefs, grocers, institutions, and local brokers who frequently source from local farms often don’t know what is available without communicating.

This makes it hard to source locally. In the absence of theFarmBoard, a typical farmer periodically emails a rapidly aging product list to a number of repeat customers. A single customer may receive anywhere between a few and twenty or more of this type of communication throughout the week from various farms. This sets the stage for a disorganized, confusing, and sometimes frantic ordering process involving repetitive communication with individual farmers regarding availability. The time and effort it takes to source in this way results in more conventionally distributed food being sourced than is necessary or desired.

The Solution

theFarmBoard web application enables people who buy direct from farms to click a link to know what local sustainable food is available, so that farmers can sell more and buyers can buy more all with less effort.

  • Farmers increase income, save time, and delight customers
  • Customers save time and buy more
  • Farmers markets increase visitors and sales


Our goal is to benefit as many farmers and local economies as possible to optimize positive impacts on health, the environment, and food security.

There is no obligation or contract. Registered users can start and stop at any time.

theFarmBoard is designed to be un-intrusive. We don’t collect or share data about you other than in support of helping farmers share up-to-date availability with customers. We do not add advertisements to farm pages. We do not sell access to data. We use a subscription model to avoid junk data. We are passionate and committed to application simplicity and quality, and are constantly striving for functionality that does not require instruction, a learning curve, or a time commitment.


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